First Defence Spray

First Defence Spray

Ready when you need it

Just hold the can, pop the top, point and spray. No matter where you store it, its always ready when needed. First Defence uses eco-friendly ingredients that will not harm the enviroment around you.

Great design and easy to use

First defence was designed with both function and effectivness in mind. In addition to putting out small fires, it is easy to store in the kitchen or take on the road.

Proven reasearch for putting out fires

First Defence uses the latest liquid technology, providing the most efficient way to put out small fires.

Eco-firendly and easy to clean up

First Defence uses eco-friendly ingredients that wont harm the envirmoent around you.

Product Specifics


●  Ingredients: K2CO3 (220ml)
●  Spray Time: 23 Seconds
●  Range: Up to 3.6 Meters
●  Gross Weight: 385ml

Suitable Applications

●  Cooking Oil Fire
●  Auto/ Vehicle Fires
●  BBQ Grill Fires
●  General Domestic Fires
●  Camping/ Tent Fires
●  Curtain Fires


●  €14.99 European Region
●  $14.99 US Region

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