Fire Blanket

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Unique & Compliant Design

The Ardoshon Fire Blankets are the original and first fully compliant fire blankets on the American market.

Incredible Ease of Use

The Ardoshon Fire Blanket is packaged in a red nylon pouch which also has the added feature of a colorful outer cardboard sleeve showing its variety of uses and features. In the event of a fire, the blanket is deployed using the pull tabs and then it is placed over the fire, smothering the oxygen from the fire thus putting it out.

Proven Reasearch for Putting Out Fires

Our blankets comply with the requirements of the American standard ASTM F1989-05 and have been tested and certified accordingly. We have two sizes of fire blankets and both are able to withstand temperatures up to 1022 degrees F - (550 degrees C) and have a 3 years warranty.

No Mess Extinguishing

These fire blankets leave no mess, but we recommend you discard after use. Our blankets can also be used to wrap around your body to help escape a fire or when clothes are on fire

Product Specifics


●  Small Size: 36" X 36"
●  Large Size: 72" X 72"
●  Clear pictorial instructions
●  Pouch is wall mountable
●  3 year warranty
●  Fully Certified: ASTM F1989-05

Suitable Applications

●  Cooking Oil Fire
●  Auto/ Vehicle Fires
●  BBQ Grill Fires
●  General Domestic Fires
●  Camping/ Tent Fires
●  Curtain Fires


●  Small Variant: €19.99/ $19.99
●  Regular Variant: €34.99/$34.99

Product Demonstration